Family Emblem

Uphold the long history of family, The Old England Manor hopes to pass on our ideals of sustainable management to successor in continuous generations and become a hotel for century. Hence, the emblem symbolizes our family spirit where is marked on our clock tower.

Our family emblem is engraved the word “LO” which carried by the two cherubs represents the manor’s surname, meanwhile it benefits our faith and diligence for centuried traditions. While have been through hundreds of years, hoping that the feature of The Old England Manor is still regarded timeless and its novelty. The family emblem stands for our persistence which transforms its beauty and elegance of decorative art and becomes our culture of life.

Fantastic journey

The castle on the cloud leaning against the mountain stands its most graceful posture.

It stores elaborately crafted of large-scale art works and extremely elegant decoration.

As well European castle while opening the iron gate, a fantastic and beautiful journey will be unfolded.

The bell of happiness is ringing.

The Gothic clock tower in the Old England Manor rings at noon and the afternoon at three and six pm everyday.
The sharp and clear bells refresh the moments of entire hill and linger Cingjing village where is centred around the manor.

Hence the warm senses of belonging is obtained.

Meeting & Events
Cloud Meeting
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Clouds Conference

Clouds Conference

"If the work is a pleasure, life is paradise" motto by Goethe. We provide perfect meeting facilities, variety of meals, and the tailor-made condition will make you with your enthusiasm and confidence after the meeting of conference. The creative thinking is changed from free spaces, the fresh air evokes senses and inspiring your imagination. It's a trip for brainstorming, and our accomplishment is to help your online conference has been completed here. The happiness of employees and satisfaction of customers will be integrated in this wonderful paradise work and life; vision and expectation.


Banquet party

The magnificent Shakespeare Hall makes your hospitality distinguished with enthusiastic of dinner, wedding banquets, celebrity parties and gorgeous feast. You can enjoy the poolside platform with the view, food and wine under the moonlight. Our professional staffs will carefully discuss with customers for every projects and plan the thoughtful solutions by considerate services. In order to make sure your guests are full of enjoyment on party.


晚宴,婚宴,名流聚會,華麗盛筵,古典瑰麗的Shakespeare Hall讓您的尊貴與款客的熱情表露無疑。在此並可享用池畔的平台,雲影清輝,美酒佳餚,在月光曲裏有韻地來回翩翩。我們的專業人員將悉心與您討論每一項可行方案,周詳地執行,體貼到位的服務,務必使您的私人歡聚,花月佳期,賓主盡歡永誌難忘。

Courage Hall

Round table conference Hall

Dreaming Hall

Medium-sized conference Hall

Knight Hall

Supervisors' Hall